Every $5 enters you to win your dream vacation and helps #savethereef

Sandy Shoals - Dream Getaway Contest

This event is hosted, organized and operated by Sandy Shoals. Throughout this article, the terms “trip”, “event”, “vacation”, and “giveaway” refer to the Dream Getaway. Sandy Shoals offers this giveaway at their discretion, all decisions made may be subject to change. Contestants can enter worldwide, this giveaway is NOT constrained to US residents only.
To enter the giveaway, you must be 18 years or older. Those younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian present to enter. The Dream Getaway winner will receive a fully inclusive trip to Bali to see and learn more about the coral reef. The entirety of the trip will be paid for by Sandy Shoals, however, since specifics differ for each case, a detailed explanation of logistics regarding the trip will be provided upon winning the giveaway.
Entry can be gained 3 Ways:
  • Follow us @sandyshoals and tag 3 people on our Instagram post
  • Re-post our giveaway post on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Every $5 spent on our store not only benefits the coral reef, but also gains you 1 entry into our giveaway. (1 super cute shirt = 6 entries to win!)
Thank you for joining us in our mission to #savethereef! We can’t wait to take you on your Dream Getaway!
For all questions and/or more information, you can reach us at info@sandyshoals.com




This giveaway is offered only if the participation standard, set by Sandy Shoals, is met. If participation fails to meet or exceed expectation, Sandy Shoals reserves the right to cancel the giveaway at any time. Our main objective is to spread awareness about the endangerment of the coral reefs and donate to the Coral Reef Alliance. We simply cannot do that and provide this giveaway without the proper participation.