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Our Mission


While coral reefs only comprise .1% of the ocean, they are home to more species of life than any other ecosystem on the planet. The reefs are so much more than just a marvel of beautiful colors and natural sculptures; they are a necessary part of our environment.

Millions of species reside in the reefs, from Australia to Belize, Hawaii to the Red Sea, the loss of their natural habitat will mean sure extinction for many. We are currently on the brink of a global level extinction event. This reduction of biodiversity could mean a breakdown in the health and operation of crucial ecosystems around the world.

Scientists predict that if nothing changes and we stay on our current path, we are going to lose 90% of the reefs by 2050. The reefs alone provide more than $1.5 billion every year for the Australian economy alone. The loss of the reefs means the loss of thousands of jobs, the destruction of homes for millions of species of sea life, and future generations, our children and grandchildren, are going to lose one of the greatest marvels of the world unless we act now.
Join us and help preserve nature’s most beautiful work of art before it’s too late.